Histology  Section has a fully automated tissue processor, paraffin embedding center, microtomes and water baths. The section also boasts by performing immunohistochemistry for tumoral tissues utilizing many antigens.

     Cytology Section mostly works on gynecological cervicovaginal ( pap) smears. They are usually comprised of conventional smears as well as liquid-based cytology specimens. Non-gynecological cytology specimens include sputum, body fluids, urine, etc. They are processed and stained by Papanicoloau, Giemsa and H&E techniques.   

     The specimens  are accessioned at the reception point and then are separated as surgical and  cytological cases. In medical records database a specific number is assigned  for each case. Then they are taken to be  processed  by the medical technologists.

     Surgical cases most of which are biopsies are grossed and recorded for microscopy. Samples are loaded onto the automatic tissue processor that operates during the night. The next morning the tissue blocks are prepared to be sectioned at the microtome and then stained, coverslipped and made ready for microscopic examination by the pathologists.

     Cytological cases are mostly comprised of Gynecological pap smears. They are promptly handled as they are accepted in the laboratory. After the medical record case numbers are allotted, they are processed to be stained after which they get ready for microscopic examination by the pathologists.

     Following the microscopic examination, reports are generated and signed  out by the pathologists and delivered via the courriers of the lab, fax and e-mail. This routine turnover usually takes one business day for the reports and another day for delivery. Some cases may need detailed examination and therefore may need more time than routine cases.

     PATOMED Laboratory has integrated detailed procedure manuals in its technical operation and uses unique secretarial, technical and courrier log-in systems and documentation.

     The quality control standards are achieved by enrollment to Gynecological Assessment Programs provided by  the American Society for Clinical Pathology . This is a program that utilizes real cases that are submitted to the laboratories worldwide. The diagnoses rendered are evaluated and every laboratory is given a statistical summary, a performance report and a certificate.

     The Laboratory employs fully trained and certified personnel including Doctors that are internationally certified including USA Board and Switzerland Diplomas. The staff includes a laboratory coordinator, institutional relations representatives, histotechnicians, cytotechnologists, cytotechnicians, medical secretaries, motorized and pedestrian courriers, hygiene, kitchen and technical support personnel. 

Working  hours are from  9.00 - 19.00  Monday through Friday  and 9.00 - 17.00 on Saturdays.

American Society for Clinical Pathology

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